Perched on a cliff on the border between Lazio and Umbria, Orte sits very close to the geographical centre of Italy and boasts excellent train and road connections to all of Italy's main cities (Rome, Florence, Bologna, Milano, Naples etc.).


Despite its close proximity to Rome, the town has remained unchanged through the years. While it has never become a tourist attraction - thus maintaining its character and relaxed pace - it does offer the visitor several hidden treasures tucked away among its Medieval alleyways or in the tunnels of "underground Orte".


In the first two weeks of September the town plunges back in Medieval times, with traditional celebrations in honour of its patron saint, Sant'Egidio, which include costume processions, games as well as cultural and culinary events.


During the summer months (May to September), visitors can escape the heat and relax at the local thermal swimming pool, just a few kilometres outside the town.