Getting Around...

Thanks to its strategic location, Orte is the ideal base to visit Central Italy's main tourist attraction. Rome is only 37 minutes away by train (Tiburtina Station). Orvieto, Viterbo, Bolsena Lake, Bomarzo, Amelia, Narni nd a wealth of Etruscan archaeological sites can be reached in just half an hour by car.  Throughout the year, nearby towns and villages host a wide variety of cultural events, ranging from century-old religious celebrations to food and wine festivals and traditional medieval feasts.


Examples of nearby sites of touristic interest include: 


Viterbo: the historic centre of Viterbo is one of the best preserved ffmediaval towns in the Lazio region. Numerous buildings (expecially churches) are buoil on top of ancient ruins. The main attraction is the Papal Palace (Palazzo dei Papi) that served as a country residence and sanctuary in times of troubale in Rome. The columns of the palace are spolia from Roman temple. Another important monument in the city is the Cathedral of San Lorenzo.


Civita di Bagnoregio: also known as "the diving town" due to theslaw erosion of the cliff it is perched on, it apperas to be suspended above a lunar landscape of clay canyons. The town connected to the outside world only through a long pedestrian bridge, was all but abandoned by its inhabitants and has retained its Medieval structure and charm.


Tarquinia: an Etruscan Necropolis containig over 6.000 tombs lies about 3 km outside the town. Some of the tombs are decorated with wall paintings, considered to be among the most important testimonies of the development of Etruscan art between the 6th and 2nd centuries B.C.


Bolsena Lake: this beautiful lake, the largest in Lazio, was formed out of a volcanic crater. Of the two islands in the lake, one - Martana - is private and therefore not accessiblebis, while the other - Bisentina - can be reached by ferry. The town of Capodimonte around the lake  offers breathtaking views while Marta is a fishing village where you will be able to see local fishermen  going out in typical flat-bottomed boats of Etruscan origin. The lake is well-known for the variety of its wildlife and if you love birdwatching, in winter you will be able to observe a wide array of birds migrating from central and northern Europe.